Key Facts About How The University Handles Sexual Assault Cases

  • Filing a Complaint: Any student who experiences sexual assault is encouraged to notify Ew Quimbaya-Winship, UNC’s new Student Complaint Coordinator/Deputy Title IX Officer: (office, Suite 1125, Student and Academic Services Buildings North; telephone, 843-3878. He works with students who experience sexual assault to coordinate protective measures and other timely services, provide information about available resources and explain the complaint process. He can also provide resources and discuss options with students accused of sexual assault.
  • Pursuing Criminal Charges: Students may pursue criminal charges with the police in addition to, or instead of, pursuing cases through a campus process. UNC encourages students to contact the police and pursue criminal charges and will assist students with that decision. Any student who wishes to contact the police about a sexual assault should call 911. UNC public safety officers are trained to assist students who experience sexual assault. If the incident occurred off campus, officers will connect the student to the police department or law enforcement agency in the correct jurisdiction.

For more information, visit sexualassaultanddiscriminationpolicy.unc.edu

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