Statement from Chancellor Holden Thorp

March 1, 2013

“Sexual assault is intolerable – at Carolina or anywhere else.

The accusation that the University has retaliated against a student for filing a complaint is totally and completely false. Administrators have no authority over how charges are made in individual Honor Court cases.

We are committed to responding effectively and fairly if sexual misconduct occurs. We are continuing to make the improvements necessary to have the best possible approach to addressing these issues. In the past year, we have revised our policy. The new policy is fair and supportive. We have removed jurisdiction for sexual assault causes from the student-led Honor System. This month, we are adding two new full-time employees – a Title IX Officer/Student Complaint Coordinator and a Compliance Officer Investigator. Gina Smith, a former prosecutor who has helped other campuses, will return next week to continue guiding a conversation about how sexual assault affects both our campus and its culture. That dialogue will only help the University’s response to this national problem be stronger in the future.”