Task Force

Christi Hurt

Christi Hurt

**This website covers information from previous academic years. To view current information, visit safe.unc.edu.**

The task force, led by the director of the Carolina Women’s Center and former interim Title IX coordinator Christi Hurt, has meet regularly to improve the way the University responds to student-on-student reports of discrimination, harassment (including sexual misconduct), stalking and interpersonal violence.

The task force is building on the work done by a previous committee that revised the University policy in 2012 in response to new guidelines issued by the federal Department of Education. The task force is broadly based, including students, faculty, staff members specializing in this area and a community representative.

Chair Christi Hurt will post regular updates about the task force and its work on this site.

May 2013, Getting Started

May 2013, Current Policy and Student Feedback

June 2013, Where We Are Now

June 2013, Responses to Your Questions

July 2013, About Consent

July 2013, Task Force Updates

October 2013, Clarifying Available Resources and Reporting Options

December 2013, The Investigatory and Adjudication Processes

January 2014, The Adjudication Process and Restorative Justice

February 2014, A Recommended Adjudication Model

March 2014, Recommendations for Policy Sanctions

April 2014, Appeals and the Definition of Incapacitation


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Task Force member Katie Akin (right) presents recommendations to VP Joe Biden.